In 2017 as part of Mental Health Week activities the Mental Health Coalition (Coalition) invited the Northern Territory Community to provide feedback about their experiences of the mental health
services, programs or the systems in the Territory, as well as people’s perspectives on priority areas
for system improvement, the survey was conducted two ways, face to face and online through the
support of NT Council of Social Services (NTCOSS), Association of Alcohol & Other Drug Agencies
(AADANT) and NT Shelter’s newsletters.

Participants were able to complete either a hard copy version, face to face at the Mental Health
Week Launch in Raintree Park or through an online survey. The responses were collated by the

The Purpose of the survey was to provide community feedback to the Department of Health to assist
and highlight issues within the Community and to support any future planning and decision-making
by the Department.

The survey responses were collated into a report by the Coalition and presented at a meeting of the
Northern Territory Mental Health Coordination Committee in December 2017.

To read the survey report click here


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