Productivity Commission – Mental Health – July 2020

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The Productivity Commission final report on its inquiry into mental health was released on 16 November.  The Commission finds that reform of the mental health system would produce large improvements in people’s quality of life and in increased economic participation.

The report makes recommendations to the Australian and state and territory governments, to improve the mental health of people of all ages and cultural backgrounds, working with people who have experience of mental illness, and with their families and carers. The recommended reforms extend across workplaces, schools and universities, the justice system, community groups and services for healthcare, psychosocial support, and housing.

The Norrie Report. A review of Forensic Mental Health and Disability Services within the Northern Territory.

Executive Summary

People with mental health problems and intellectual and cognitive disability are markedly over represented at all points in the criminal justice system (CJS). As such forensic mental health and disability services are required to provide assessment, treatment and care for these individuals not only during their contact with the CJS, but also into the community. In addition, individuals may be found by courts, because of their mental illness or disability, not to be criminally responsible or to be unfit for trial. This patient cohort also requires the input of Forensic Mental Health and Disability Services.

This report provides the findings of an expert independent review of Northern Territory (NT) Health services provided to people in contact with the criminal justice system or within the youth justice system, who have a mental health problem or a cognitive impairment.

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My Life My Lead

Opportunities for strengthening approaches to the social determinants and cultural determinants of Indigenous health: Report on the national consultations December 2017. For more information click here
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New report highlights need for government support for informal mental health carers

Mental Illness Fellowship of Australia (NT) is calling on the Territory and Federal Government to protect existing supports for mental health carers, following the release of a major new report showing informal mental health carers are contributing $13.2 billion annually caring for people with mental illness, 1.7 times more than government investment in mental health services nationally. For the Media Release click here
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