Member Update: MIFANT – Nightcliff Seabreeze Festival

Our members, Mental Illness Fellowship of Australia NT (MIFANT) held a stall at the recent Nightcliff Seabreeze Festival between 10-12th May. Staff found the opportunity to connect with the local community and discuss mental health services incredibly rewarding. Hearing success stories from old clients reminded the team of the positive impact they can have.

A particular good news story involved an old client who previously participated in services offered at the drop-in centre in Coconut Grove.

“I met one of our clients at the stall – she actually came in to say hello to our staff, she was excited to see us. She was a regular participant in our drop-in centre in Coconut Grove (MiPlace Hub) 7 years ago. She was really struggling at that time, had no motivation to get up to start the day. Since she came to MiPlace Hub regularly, she had developed a routine, joining our art workshops as part of our activity program, she gradually became better and feeling good to know people who were going through the same struggle. She still remembered some of the other regular participants who she used to hang out with, they had great memories. She now has a job and has the capacity and resilience to look after her elderly mother. She said thank you MIFANT, she really appreciated what we did in the past years, and she said”: ‘please keep up the service for this community as people really need that support to get back on track in their life.’

Crystal Wong, Communications Officer, MIFANT

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