Mental Health Week Video Campaign

Create a Video - What Makes Me Strong?

In the spirit of this year’s theme ‘Celebrating Our Strengths’, we are inviting Territorians to create a short video sharing what things in your life or community help keep you strong. 

We welcome people of all ages from all walks of life to join in this campaign!

We have deep and wonderful strengths in all of our communities, where we find peace, support, happiness, and creativity. It is these strengths, no matter how big or small, that sustain us in life – especially through our difficult times.

By sharing with one another, we show that we are not alone, and we remind one another of the many ways we can look after our mental health and keep ourselves strong.

We invite individuals, families, communities, workplace or other teams, to pick up their smart phones and share the things that help them stay strong. Get creative and have some fun! These short videos will be shared on our YouTube channel and Facebook page throughout the next few months and during Mental Health Week in October. 

Guidelines for creating your video

  1. Language must be respectful and positive
  2. All videos should be 60 seconds or less
  3. Video can be shot on an iphone or another smart phone
  4. Film in landscape view so that all videos we receive have a consistent format
    5. Sound quality is best if the person is speaking into or close to the phone, particularly if filming outside. When someone is talking, please make sure there is minimum background noise (wind, traffic, other voices).
    6. Start by briefly introducing yourself and state where you live
    7. Have a couple of tries and pick the best one to send

How to submit your video

Once you have completed your video you can submit it below in the Upload Video section.

We will review the video, and make sure it meets all of the above guidelines. If it does, we will upload it to our public YouTube channel: Northern Territory Mental Health Coalition – YouTube.  

Make sure you follow us on Facebook so that you can stay up to date with new videos and other updates.

Please note, we will not edit any video without prior consent. 

For any enquiries contact us at 08 8948 2246 or by email at

Upload Video


Media consent

By sending in your video, you consent for this video to be used as part of the Mental Health Week awareness campaign and shared on our social media channels.

Please make sure you have the consent of all people in your video – it is important to let them know the purpose of the video and that it will be used publicly as part of the Mental Health Week awareness campaign. A media release form can be downloaded here and completed by all parties involved in your video and kept for your records.

For any enquiries call 08 8948 2246 or email 

Sample videos

Check out our What Keeps Me Strong campaign launch video with our CEO Geoff Radford inviting Territorians to participate, and sharing what keeps him strong.

Subscribe to our YouTube channel to hear more videos as they come in from across the Territory!

Download media release form 

Do you, or someone you know, 
need help with your mental health?

While NTMHC are not a service provider, we can point you in the direction of services that can support you.