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A range of crisis support lines and resources that provide support for various mental health issues and specific groups and age ranges.

The Northern Territory Mental Health Coalition is a peak body and not a mental health service provider and does not provide direct referrals to particular organisations.

Mental health topics

A directory of organizations that provide services, tools and resources listed by mental health topic.

This is not an exhaustive list but rather a snapshot of organizations that can help you get started in finding more information on what you are looking for.

Fact sheets

A range of fact sheets to provide a snapshot of key issues and topics relating to mental health in the NT.

NTMHC consults regularly with education and government research bodies, community service providers and other mental health organizations in the NT to ensure an output of information that is reflective of the current NT mental health landscape. 

Training and professional development

Links and information on some of the key organizations that provide training and professional development as well as some of the NT mental health networks available.

All people working in mental health in the NT are encouraged to join a network to access peer support and professional development within the NT context.  

Do you, or someone you know, 
need help with your mental health?

While NTMHC are not a service provider, we can point you in the direction of services that can support you.