Student Placements

NTMHC Supporting Student Placements in the Mental Health Sector

Our Vision is that all community mental health services in the Northern Territory support vocational and tertiary student placements to build expertise, increase employment pathways and work together to grow a skilled and flexible mental health workforce.

NTMHC are working with NT PHN to support community mental health organisations across the NT to embed student placements in their services.

We are developing a framework to support us to do this well, where we act as a conduit linking students and organisations together and support both to have an excellent experience.

The framework will work with all services wishing to expand, screen, and support students on placement; giving them the skills to succeed as they join the NT mental health workforce.

Some organisations in the sector are leading the way; working directly with universities to secure ongoing student placements. This framework supports all organisations in the sector who wish to be further supported by fielding and directing questions regarding student placements, understanding university placement requirements, helping to find the right student fit, and facilitating collaborations across the sector to enhance student experience and learning.

More to come in this space in 2023

Student Placement Expression of Interest Form

Student Placement Program - Students

Student Placement Program - Service Providers

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