Draft Report Released 31 Oct 2019

The Productivity Commission conducted an Inquiry into the Social and Economic Benefits of Improving Mental Health in Australia. The Report and recommendations, including key mental health stakeholders across Australia have agreed upon a Charter 2020 which outlines the need for a national agreement for mental health.

Click here to read the Report Released Oct 2019 from the Productivity Commission

A response from NTHMC to the Report and in collaboration with NT Shelter and Darwin Community Legal Service.  Click here to read the response

The Norrie Report. A review of Forensic Mental Health and Disability Services within the Northern Territory.

Executive Summary

People with mental health problems and intellectual and cognitive disability are markedly over represented at all points in the criminal justice system (CJS). As such forensic mental health and disability services are required to provide assessment, treatment and care for these individuals not only during their contact with the CJS, but also into the community. In addition, individuals may be found by courts, because of their mental illness or disability, not to be criminally responsible or to be unfit for trial. This patient cohort also requires the input of Forensic Mental Health and Disability Services.

This report provides the findings of an expert independent review of Northern Territory (NT) Health services provided to people in contact with the criminal justice system or within the youth justice system, who have a mental health problem or a cognitive impairment.

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Joint Submission to Senate Standing Committee on Community Affairs Accessibility and Quality of Mental Health Services in Rural and Remote Australia

NTMHC and the Queensland Alliance for Mental Health (QAMH) have made a joint submission regarding the sustainability and quality of adequate mental health services in rural and remote communities throughout Queensland and the Northern Territory. Read the submission here

The Senate Inquiry released their findings on the 4 of December. One of the key recommendations stated the National Mental Health Commission should be funded and tasked with the development of a national rural mental health strategy. The strategy should be informed by PHN service mapping in rural and remote areas. To read the findings please click here