The NT Mental Health Coalition regularly works in partnership with education, research and funding bodies to research, develop and deliver current programs and resources that are responsive to the needs of the NT mental health sector.

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December 2021

Follow-up evaluation report cover

Follow-up Evaluation of the Peer-Led Education Pilot in Darwin

This report presents evalution findings from Stage 3 of the Darwin Peer-Led Pilot (PLEP). The PLEP was an innovative project, and its staged delivery supported the cumulative development of knowledge and skill by people with lived experience of mental health and related challenges in the Darwin region. Stage 3 of the PLEP included the delivery of MY Recovery programs by upskilled local Facilitators, the codesign of a new peer-led recovery program and the delivery of non-accredited Peer Work Skills Training to former Program Participants.

May 2020

Report cover

Evaluation of a Peer-Led Education Pilot for people with psychosocial support needs in Darwin, Northern Territory

This evaluation report presents findings from a “Peer-Led Education Pilot for people with psychosocial support needs in Darwin”. The project reflects an innovative peer-led education approach that adopts a unique multi-model collaboration process in the design, delivery and evaluation of the Peer-Led Education Pilot (PLEP). The overarching aim of the evaluation was to describe the appropriateness and effectiveness of the My Recovery and Train the Facilitator programs delivered in Darwin as part of PLEP, as well as to inform effective program elements, potential adaptation considerations for NT rural and remote areas, and considerations for scalability across the NT.

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