MHW 2023 – About the Artist

Aboriginal Artists Darlene Devery holding her painting called Good Ways created for NT Mental Health Week 2023

About the artist

Darlene Devery is a contemporary Indigenous artist with a unique style, and a passion for cultural engagement, mentorship and knowledge sharing.

She originates from the Kalkadoon Clan, of the Central Australian Aboriginal Community of Alpurrurulam, and brought up throughout the Top End of Australia, now living, and working on Larrakia Country.

Darlene runs her own business, Darls Art based in Darwin where she works in a variety of art mediums and also delivers workshops and cultural mentoring catering to a range of ages.

Darlene can be found on Facebook at or contacted at

About the artwork - 'Good Ways'

This painting depicts a community strong in spirit and wellbeing, full of hope, strength, and support for each other, celebrating new life, new beginnings and ongoing mental wellbeing.

The circle at the center symbolizes community and strength. The community looks after it’s country which it turn, supports the community to flourish emotionally, physically and spiritually. 

The dragon flies represent freedom and joy, with the lotus flowers blooming as a symbol of happiness, thriving and new life.

The green ribbon in the center is the symbol for mental health awareness, connecting cultures together in strength, support and mutual wellbeing and understanding. 

Do you, or someone you know, 
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While NTMHC are not a service provider, we can point you in the direction of services that can support you.